Our team utilize state-of-the-art computer technology (ArchiCAD) which includes three dimensional coordination, graphics,  colour rendering and modeling. This technology increases precision and performance, while enabling the office to maintain strong design control over any given project. The software enables us to produce realistic visual representations and to explore aesthetic options of materiality, light, volume and form. 

    It is standard procedure in our office, to produce concept models for discussion, presentation and critique purposes. Through these means, we are able to ensure clients are always fully informed and thereby totally involved in their project’s evolution. These models are usually upgraded as the project progresses, to ensure practical, comprehensive and aesthetic solutions.  

    The final constructed quality of commissions is achieved, not only by strong conceptual design, but by well structured, thorough and precise contract documentation. On any given project, key floor plans and cross sectional drawings on a small scale are produced and overlaid with a reference grid. As the design becomes more resolved and more complex, detailing is required. The scale of the drawings increases progressively to include project specific detail drawings and ensure a constant total overview of the project. We review and work between scales reiteratively to ensure detail is relative to the overall project.  We use Masterspec specification systems which are regularly updated and linked back to manufacturers' technical information.  The New Zealand Institute of Architects provides us with standard contract documents which we customise to each individual project.